AI-conducted study highlights ‘massive gender bias’ in the UK

A first-of-its-kind study conducted by an AI highlights the ‘massive gender bias’ which continues to plague the UK workforce.

The research was published by the Royal Statistical Society but conducted by Glass AI, a startup which uses artificial intelligence to analyse every UK website.

In a blog post, the company explained its unique approach:

“Previous related studies created for economists, policy-makers, or business analysts have tended to underuse or even ignore the web as a data source, typically only looking in any detail at a limited number of sectors of the economy, examining a small slice of geography or conducting manual (and expensive) surveys.

Worse, given a small data set, data scientists have no choice but to extrapolate and rely on small sample statistics.“

Across the entire ‘.uk’ domain, Glass AI read the genders of 2.3 million people and the positions they held in 150,000 organisations spanning 108 industry sectors.

Gender gaps were found across industries with men far more likely to be in leadership positions.

82 percent of all CEOs, 92 percent of chairpersons, and 73 percent of directors are male.

Meanwhile, support roles are dominated by women. 95 percent of receptionists, legal secretaries, and care assistants are female.

Both of the core genders are relatively equal when it comes to participating in the workforce, but the gap presents itself in the roles they attain.

Glass AI’s findings matched those of the Office for National Statistics which shows promise for the use of artificial intelligence to conduct research far quicker and with fewer resources that matches or exceeds traditional means.

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