AI Expo: TomTom will tell users what road trip they’ll enjoy most

Automotive solutions giant TomTom will be enhancing its Road Trips service using machine learning to tell users what their next road trip should be.

Like everything in life, we all have our preference as to what kind of roads we like to drive. Some like big open highways, others like windy country roads. Some like rolling hills, others prefer to keep things flat.

TomTom’s Road Trips is a community-based service which features some routes from TomTom itself but mostly relies on users to submit their own. And submit they did.

Within the first week, 350 routes were published. Now that number has swelled considerably and finding the perfect road trip is becoming a lot more difficult by the day.

TomTom will soon be implementing machine learning to offer personalised recommendations based on what trips an individual user previously enjoyed.

Here at the AI Expo in Amsterdam, TomTom Group Data Scientist Pierluigi Casale shared the company’s preliminary results from its tests.

As the image shows, the percentage of users who liked the recommended route jumped up nearly 70 percent from those shown routes at random. Even likes of the popular routes were almost 50 percent less than routes suggested by TomTom’s algorithm.

You may not be able to control the weather, traffic, or company during your road trip… but at least TomTom can set your journey off to a good start with the perfect route.

Find out more about AI Expo and the next event here.

What are your thoughts on TomTom’s use of machine learning for road trips? Let us know in the comments.

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