Altify aims to bring AI to the fore in sales management with latest launch

Altify, a company which provides enterprise sales management software, has announced the latest iteration of its platform, which aims to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to assist the sales process with a raft of new features.

The company, which counts Salesforce, BT, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise among its customers, has in its summer release added a relationship map, helping salespeople understand with whom to best spend their time, capability for supporting every Salesforce standard language, as well as greater collaborative selling.

The AI comes in when analysing all of the data, the company notes. “Altify incorporates historic and real-time data and knowledge from over 30 years’ methodology exposure and the observations of millions of sales interactions,” the company says. “It then provides notifications, advice and coaching with relevant background, and valuable, in-context recommendations, helping salespeople to drive deals forward.”

“Our ambition is to help all businesses around the globe communicate with customers and colleagues in any language,” said Jane Freeman, regional sales director at SDL in a statement. “The platform’s insight into our sales pipeline and ability to identify drivers and opportunities ensures our teams are productive, focused, and always engaging with the right people. We look forward to working closely with Altify as we grow our business in new areas.”

As is cited by the more optimistic industry observers, the technology is being utilised here not to replace employees, but to help them do their jobs better. The primary source of fear was when Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance announced in January it was making more than 30 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM Watson.

Speaking to CNBC in April, Kai-Fu Lee, founder of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures, said robots were ‘likely to replace half of all jobs in the coming decade. In the same month, the Financial Times took a more optimistic view, giving readers an interactive look at how much of their job will be automated in the coming years.

You can find out more about Altify’s latest release here.

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