ChatGPT expands ‘Custom Instructions’ to free users

After initially launching for paid ChatGPT users, “Custom Instructions” are now accessible to users on the free plan.

Custom Instructions empower users to tailor their interactions with ChatGPT according to their unique needs and preferences, making conversations more dynamic and relevant.

Whether a student seeking homework help, an aspiring writer brainstorming ideas, or a curious mind exploring various topics, the AI model can now take into account specific instructions to generate more relevant and personalised responses:

As users set their preferences or requirements using Custom Instructions, ChatGPT will consider these inputs in every subsequent interaction—eliminating the need to repeat instructions. This feature streamlines conversations and fosters a more engaging and productive dialogue with the AI.

Furthermore, the integration of Custom Instructions augments the utility of ChatGPT’s plugins. By incorporating specific details provided by users – such as location or preferences – the AI can seamlessly interact with plugins to provide more accurate and contextually relevant responses.

OpenAI has adapted safety measures to accommodate the introduction of Custom Instructions. Instructions violating usage policies will be identified and disregarded, in a bid to maintain a secure environment for all users.

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the model’s performance, OpenAI may use Custom Instructions to refine ChatGPT’s capabilities. However, the company maintains transparency and control by allowing users to manage their data settings and opt out of this feature if desired.

To embrace the personalisation benefits of Custom Instructions, free plan users can navigate to their account settings and select the option to enable this feature.

Custom Instructions are currently unavailable to users in the EU and UK but OpenAI plans to expand access “soon”.

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