Clarifai launches mobile SDK to help make AI available on devices

Clarifai, a visual recognition AI company, has launched its mobile SDK, which enables mobile users to install machine learning capabilities into their devices.

The SDK does not require large computing power in the mobile device or continuous internet connectivity increasing the reach of latest AI technology to everyone. It is powered by Clarifai’s Custom Training that enables machine learning algorithms to learn new concepts from very few examples.

The mobile SDK enables mobile devices to learn from and respond to their individual environment and user in real-time, thus increasing personalisation in the user experience. Users can perform a wide variety of such as improving workflows, automatically moderating content or powering visual search and recommendations.

Clarifai founder and CEO Matthew Zeiler, said: “The power of artificial intelligence should not be limited to a select group of engineers at big tech companies. It’s our mission to make machine learning technology available to everyone, and our Mobile SDK furthers that mission by removing the bounds of cloud connectivity while offering a lower latency experience in your pocket.”

i-Nside, provider of reliable and cost-efficient medical devices to physicians and patients, and also a launch partner of the mobile SDK, is a regular user of the SDK installed on its innovative smartphone-attached endoscopic tool to help general practitioners and nurses treat ear problems accurately. This offline AI-powered solution works with 98% accuracy, the company says.

Laurent Schmoll, ENT specialist and co-founder of i-Nside, said: “Our assisted diagnostic application using Clarifai’s offline artificial intelligence brings this powerful technology to the most underserved, remote and rural areas and will be welcomed by NGOs around the world and by people who need it the most.”

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