Cylance launches first claimed AI-driven endpoint detection and response solution

Australia-based Cylance has announced the general availability of CylanceOPTICS, an artificial intelligence (AI) driven endpoint detection and response product which aims to simplify threats without cloud connectivity.

The Cylance AI Platform acts as a data-science engine that generates specialised machine-learning models. The integrated solution of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS delivers a more effective, simplified and high-performance security approach.

It leverages AI to change the operating model of endpoint security, enabling easy threat hunting, and attack analysis and incident response, thus preventing virtually all threats from executing on the endpoint. CylancePROTECT blocks 99.7% of all malware, including new zero-day threats as per a recent test by NSS Labs.

The key capabilities of CylanceOPTICS are:

  • Simple root-cause analysis: Dissection of any CylancePROTECT detected and blocked attack can be done to find its source to close the loopholes in their security framework and eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Endpoint visibility and AI-assisted threat hunting: InstaQuery (IQ) ensures instant accessibility to forensically relevant data collected from endpoints to enable users to conduct on-demand search for enterprise wide threat and quickly determine any threat at endpoint, and reduce the available attack and dwell time, speeding incident response.
  • Integrated incident response: Using this feature, analysts can take decisive response actions which can reduce the risk of an enterprise-wide compromise on immediate basis.
  • Non-dependence on cloud: The lightweight endpoint agent required for both CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS works independently of the cloud. Search and collection of forensically relevant data is achieved by using local data by CylanceOPTICS and so continuous streaming of data to the cloud is not required.


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