DeepCode provides AI code reviews for over four million developers

AI-powered code reviewer DeepCode has announced it’s checked the code of over four million developers.

DeepCode’s machine learning-based bot is fluent in JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C/C++, and Python.

“Our data shows that over 50% of repositories have critical issues and every second pull-request has warnings about issues that need to be fixed,” said Boris Paskalev, CEO and co-founder of DeepCode.

“By using DeepCode, these issues are automatically identified and logically explained as suggestions are made about how to fix them before code is deployed.”

Over the past few months, DeepCode has focused on improving the JavaScript skills of the bot. JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as Vue.js and React are supported. A demo of DeepCode’s analysis of React can be found here.

DeepCode claims its bot is now “up to 50x faster and finding more than double the number of serious bugs over all other tools combined while maintaining over 80% accuracy.”

The bot has been trained using machine learning to analyse hundreds of millions of commits across the vast number of open source projects freely available. DeepCode says it’s able to identify bugs before they happen.

A recent survey by DeepCode found that 85 percent of people want software companies to focus less on new features and more on fixing bugs and security issues.

“Too many software companies still believe that new features are what users want the most,” commented Paskalev. “As this survey shows, what people really want is quality software that is safe to use.”

DeepCode is free for open source software and commercial teams of up to 30 developers. You can start analysing your code by connecting your GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab account here.

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