Dialpad Expands AI Capabilities with Google Cloud Partnership

Dialpad is partnering with Google Cloud to expand the AI capabilities of its customer intelligence platform.

The collaboration involves integrating Google Cloud Vertex AI capabilities into the Dialpad customer intelligence platform that launched earlier this year. This will develop its generative AI capabilities to provide more significant customer insights, enhance team productivity and collaboration, and improve sales and services teams’ knowledge base and customer interactions.

Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad, said:

As an AI-Powered platform focused on transforming how the world works together, and a long-time partner of Google, Dialpad is thrilled to work with Google Cloud on new generative AI capabilities. We infused Ai into our platform five years ago — and building it out responsibly is a facet that we’ve always taken seriously. Google is a longstanding AI industry innovator — which is a key reason why Google Cloud’s generative AI is the right technology for us to leverage as we continue to deliver new features and capabilities in a way that is responsible and sustainable.”

Dialpad acknowledges the necessity of technology that provides valuable real-time insights for users during the era of hybrid and remote working, especially in leveraging AI, which it says its Google Cloud partnership facilitates. The collaboration intends to solve the most prominent pain points facing businesses seeking to adopt holistic AI solutions. With its new Google Cloud-enabling features, Dialpad’s platform aims to leverage usability and intelligence for customers.

A Partnership Providing Better Business Outcomes

The collaboration offers pre-built models that democratise AI usage throughout businesses of any size, with supportive features to improve productivity, efficiency and performance.

AI Recap aims to improve businesses’ time efficiency, as the feature offers concise meeting summaries highlighting essential information and relevant action items. It also aspires to simplify decision-making across departments by automatically categorising and identifying a call’s purpose and outcome, allowing users to find important information quickly.

AI Playbooks enables agents to improve performance by providing real-time, context-aware suggestions and prompts, overcoming critical issues like churn prediction.

AI Scorecards analyses call interactions and produces personalised, data-driven insights in real-time to develop agent performance and motivation, consequently improving the customer experience.

Cross-functional collaboration with Google’s BigQuery enterprise data warehouse enables Dialpad users to break down AI data silos and enhance productivity.

Walker added: “Vertex AI brings an added layer of contextual depth to Dialpad’s platform, bubbling up customer insights in real-time to make it easier for salespeople and customer service agents to do their job — which has been the core of our mission since day one.”

Updates to the AI Recap feature will launch in early May. Updates to AI Playbooks and AI Scorecards will be available in early summer 2023.

“Generative AI has the potential to simplify many of our most common tasks at work,” commented Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud. “As a true cloud-native and innovator company in the industry, we are delighted to partner with Dialpad in support of their mission and to bring Google Cloud generative AI to users in new and helpful ways.”

Google Investing in AI on Multiple Fronts

Dialpad AI-powered CCaaS solutions have been empowering agents and businesses for some time. However, its partnership with Google Cloud is also one of the latest signals of Google’s concerted expansion into the world of CX-focused AI solutions.

In April, The Financial Times revealed Google’s plans to bring generative AI to advertising. Google aims to produce “novel” advertisements for consumers.

To create these ads, advertisers input text, images, and videos to Google relevant to a specific advertising campaign they wish to progress. The AI then mixes the material with information about the target audience and sales targets to auto-generate personalised ads.

Earlier this year, Google announced plans to embed its new Generative AI App Builder into the Google Contact Center AI Platform. The App Builder utilises large language models (LLMs), conversational AI, and search technologies to produce multimodal chatbots capable of creating personalised user experiences.

The contact centre feeds the App Builder with information on the company website, product manuals, FAQ documents, and agent support content, enabling the builder to produce new bots quickly.

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