Finnish researchers to use AI to automate formulation of large information systems

A team of researchers from Aalto University aims to employ AI to automate the development of large information systems besides integrating all parts of software development under a single umbrella.

The team, led by research fellow Jussi Rintanen, has received grants of €678,000 from Business Finland to work towards the commercialisation of the AI-based information system technology.

Majority of the information systems projects often encounter the same primary issue – huge routine programming work –  the management of which becomes a mammoth task. And building entire systems from scratch with a modern programming language is another challenge. Consequently, old systems are being expanded and modified even if the original system or the end result fails to meet the demands of organisations or users.

Considering these challenges, the team is formulating a new innovative technology that is capable of automating these kinds of extensive projects. The technology will bring down the requirement for conventional programming and simplify programming remarkably. The new technology, which is based on automated reasoning and combinatorial search methods, will also bring down development costs dramatically. While a programmer concentrates on code details in traditional programme development, in this technology the programmes are synthesised by search methods and logical inference.

Rintanen explained, “The goal is to make software more flexible and to get it to better understand how the world outside the information system operates. For instance, in health care, information systems could take more responsibility in performing administrative tasks and decision making. This kind of intelligence is programmed once and after that the programmer won’t need to design or implement further functions.”

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