HPE adds new platforms and services to ease artificial intelligence adoption

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has added a new set of platforms and services to ease the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), with an initial focus on deep learning.

The new set of purpose-built platforms and services will ease the task of deploying and scaling deep learning models among data scientists, developers and IT departments.  According to HPE, deep learning, a key subset of AI, takes its inspiration from the human brain and is typically implemented for difficult jobs such as image classification and recognition of images/voices.

HPE said that most enterprises do not have the basis requirements, such as expertise, sophisticated and customised hardware and software infrastructure, to implement deep learning. The following new offerings are intended to help customers overcome such challenges and realise the true potential of AI.

  • HPE Rapid Software Installation for AI: This new solution from HPE includes pre-configured deep learning software frameworks, libraries, automated software updates and cluster management optimized for deep learning and supports NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.
  • HPE Deep Learning Cookbook: The new deep learning cookbook from HPE is a set of tools that help customers in selecting the finest hardware and software environment for different deep learning tasks.
  • HPE AI Innovation Center: This Innovation Center is a platform for research collaboration between universities, enterprises that are on the cutting edge of AI research and HPE researchers.
  • Enhanced HPE Centers of Excellence (CoE): The HPE CoE offer select customers access the most recent technology and expertise including the latest NVIDIA GPUs on HPE systems.

In another HPE story, the company has unveiled what is claimed to be “the world’s most scalable and modular in-memory computing platform” named HPE Superdome Flex.  HPE claims that the Superdome Flex is capable of processing enormous amounts of data and can turn them into real-time, useful business insights.

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