New chatbot launches show enterprise and consumer expertise

A couple of recent examples of chatbot software has revealed some interesting use cases in both the enterprise and consumer arenas.

The new AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform for live chat and chatbot, announced at the end of last month, enables Freshdesk customers to develop and deploy human-like conversational chatbot, without any coding, to provide 24/7 services across web, mobile, social, messenger, and email channels. The solution helps streamline the problem of business scale by automating different business processes with easy-to-consume conversational interface with human-like dialogue and intent switching capability.

The platform seamlessly integrates with Freshdesk by automatically creating Freshdesk tickets for customer engagement with bots. The Freshdesk ticket status reflects the resolution of the conversation. The rich agent terminal provided by the platform for human support teams handles complex queries and questions.

Auto handover or single clicking on “start chat” lets the FreshDesk agent connect and communicate with the customer directly. The agent terminal feature also includes deep analytics and reporting, remote assistance by screen share, free agent assignment to optimise performance, historical data archive and so on.

BizVibe is another smart B2B networking platform for global B2B buyers and suppliers that is specifically designed to help industry professionals connect with like-minded businesses, providing them with a seamless, efficient, and easy-to-use platform.

With extensive feedback from communities across multiple industries, the platform was able to identify the core problems and uncertainties when finding potential trade partners. Using this feedback, BizVibe developed an efficient networking tool dedicated to buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, and suppliers, helping them to connect, engage, and make business deals.

According to Adrian Bowles, VP research and lead analyst for AI at Aragon Research, the current generation of AI chatbots leverages significant advances in natural language understanding (NLU) to provide meaningful, personalised responses that reflect the context of the interaction or conversation. Bowles says: “Our Hot Vendors in AI chatbots are making it easier for enterprises to provide more engaging systems for their customers and employees.”

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