New intelligent street light software aims to respond to real-time events

TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group, part of Tata Consultancy Services, has launched a cloud-based software, the Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX), for Adaptive Streetlight Optimisation designed for both conventional streetlights and LED lights.

The product uses self-learning algorithms to learn about real-time events occurring on streets and responds to them by enabling individual streetlights to adjust according to changes in crime patterns, traffic, people movement, and weather. For example, it would increase streetlight luminosity when it learns of increase in pedestrian activity and decreases it in times of less people activity. It can also be adjusted to resolve light pollution complaints.

IUX usage reduces energy consumption to derive greater value from LED lighting by reducing the payback period to two-three years while also delivering an additional 15% to 25% in savings when streetlight is optimised as per the predictive analytics feature offered by the software. Research firm Northeast Group predicts 280.2 million LED streetlights will be added across 125 countries, reaching a penetration rate of 89% by 2026. It estimates $12.6 billion will be invested in “smart” networked streetlights by 2026.

IUX can be used to leverage a city’s growth in other domains. Its Connected Intelligence Platform enables access, exchange, and analysis of data between different domains such as energy, water, transportation. Smart city applications such as Intelligent Water Management or Intelligent Transportation can be used along with IUX for Adaptive Streetlight Optimisation to track problems on streets and make decisions to redress them. For example, the trio can be used to potentially predict a water main break, automatically reroute buses to avoid affected streets and accordingly brighten specific streetlights to assist repair crews.

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