OpenAI set to unveil custom GPT-4 chatbot creator

As OpenAI gears up for its inaugural developer conference, some major announcements appear to have leaked.

The leak includes screenshots and videos showcasing a custom chatbot creator utilising GPT-4. This advanced version of ChatGPT boasts features such as web browsing and data analysis, enhancing its capabilities significantly.

According to the leaked information, OpenAI will introduce a new marketplace where users can share their custom chatbots or explore creations made by others.

The leaker, a Twitter user named CHOI, provided a summary of the anticipated updates:

Additionally, SEO tools developer Tibor Blaho shared a video demonstrating the user interface of the new feature—revealing a GPT Builder option that enables users to input prompts and create bespoke chatbots.

The GPT Builder interface offers a user-friendly experience, allowing individuals to select a default language, tone, and writing style for their chatbot. Users can configure the bot by providing a name, description, and instructions, along with the ability to upload files for a personalised knowledgebase.

The tool also allows toggling of features such as web browsing and image generation; giving users unprecedented control over their chatbot’s capabilities. Custom actions can be added to enhance the bot’s functionality.

Furthermore, the leaked information suggests that OpenAI plans to launch an enterprise-level “Team” subscription plan with both “Flexible” and “Annual” options.

The Team plan reportedly offers benefits such as unlimited high-speed GPT-4 usage and extended context capabilities, with a pricing structure of $25 per user, per month for the annual subscription and $30 per month for the non-annual option, requiring a minimum of three users.

OpenAI has recently rolled out several beta features for ChatGPT, including live web results, image generation, and voice chat.

The company is set to provide a preview of the new tools at the upcoming developer conference, offering the tech community a firsthand look at the future of conversational AI.

(Photo by Jem Sahagun on Unsplash)

Check out taking place in Amsterdam, California, and London. The comprehensive event is co-located with Digital Transformation Week.

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