Opinion: 2022 predictions for the AI industry

In the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, corporate giants have traditionally dominated the market, including big names such as Amazon, Google, and IBM. However, with COVID changing customer needs and accelerating digital transformation, this is no longer the case. Specialist AI startups are now beginning to take over and assist companies in delivering more precise, efficient, and more accurate results.  

From companies shifting their existing AI focus to adapting AI across their entire organisation, here are three predictions for 2022: 

Can all players in the AI space coexist?

Next year, organisations and their data scientists will see that the variety of tools that exist to automate AI and ML within their business cover an array of specialities, and that these tools can coexist depending on the user and their needs and priorities. Big AI companies would like to take it all, but the reality is that data ecosystems have become more specialised. 

This is why a more holistic approach is needed across institutions in order to break down silos and really understand what data they have. Allowing companies to have a more organised and streamlined approach for tasks and projects. This transition will be made successful through smaller, specialised AI companies, such as TurinTech, driven to develop new AI optimisation tools to help companies tackle their data challenges more efficiently. 

These tools will complement each other, enabling users to discover, interpret and communicate valuable insights through oceans of data, and build AI to support better decision-making faster and more seamlessly.

Companies will shift their focus to streamline AI 

As organisations realise the crucial benefits AI can facilitate for their business, 2022 will see priorities change for companies across the globe. The main goal of businesses will not just focus on incorporating AI into their operations, but also doing this as efficiently as possible. With AI assisting in cutting down company costs, increasing revenue, and gaining a competitive edge, organisations will prioritise scaling AI across their whole operations, not just in their data and technology departments. 

Businesses that have grown their data teams and capabilities in recent years will be looking to maximise the investments they have made in these teams. Companies will focus on streamlining their operations and building optimal AI efficiently at scale through collaborative platforms. By incorporating AI technology across their entire business, companies will improve efficiency, productivity and be able to pinpoint potential risks in order to avoid future setbacks and challenges. 

2022 will see a green future for AI

With sustainability being a hot topic around the globe as the world reflects on the recent COP26 conference, it’s time the tech industry rethinks the carbon footprint of AI too. Next year will see organisations rethinking their carbon footprint, also taking their technology and AI carbon footprint into consideration.

With green AI, businesses can receive accurate machine learning models which are faster, more productive, and consume less computing resources, all while increasing operating speed and reducing energy usage. Green AI ultimately integrates technology and sustainability into a unified ecosystem. 

When it comes to saving energy, AI can assist in developing precise predictive capabilities and intelligent grid systems to manage the demand and supply of renewable energy. By doing this, companies will be able to significantly decrease costs and unnecessary carbon pollution generation. 

Companies are using AI to help improve their sustainability goals and green initiatives. Alaska Airlines, for example, is successfully decreasing the company’s carbon footprint by using AI technology to guide flights, and more companies will follow suit next year. With an increase of businesses using green AI, sustainability initiatives can be reached and reduce their carbon footprint. 

The bottom line

2022 will be a big year for the AI industry, with businesses big and small realising the benefits of leveraging AI partners and smaller players specialising in niche fields, as well as actively adopting green AI in order to meet and maybe even exceed sustainability targets in the future.

(Photo by Ellen Melin on Unsplash)

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