PyTorch now has an independent foundation

Meta-created framework PyTorch now has an independent foundation to drive the adoption of AI tooling.

The PyTorch Foundation will operate under the Linux Foundation umbrella and boasts a governing board with representatives from industry giants including AMD, Microsoft Azure, NVIDIA, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Meta.

“The new PyTorch Foundation board will include many of the AI leaders who’ve helped get the community where it is today, including Meta and our partners at AMD, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Nvidia,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta.

“I’m excited to keep building the PyTorch community and advancing AI research.” 

Over the course of the next year, Meta is aiming for PyTorch to make a seamless transition from the company to the new foundation.

“Since we partnered with the AI community to create the PyTorch framework for AI research six years ago, open collaboration has been essential to its success,” wrote Meta in a blog post.

“With some 2,400 contributors who have built more than 150,000 projects on the framework, PyTorch has become one of the leading platforms for AI research as well as commercial production use.”

Interest in PyTorch has grown substantially in recent years. Google-created TensorFlow dominated interest until around 2020 but Google Trends suggests that interest has fallen behind PyTorch, especially over the past year:

Now it has its own independent foundation, PyTorch interest and adoption is likely to grow even further.

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