The AI use cases that could one day be used in your business

As artificial intelligence solutions become more and more accessible to the everyday business owner, it’s important to understand which solutions can best fit within your business model and strategy set.

As AI systems continue to develop and advance, the possibilities for AI solutions are endless. While AI technology is already integrated into our daily lives through products such as Siri, Netflix, Pandora and more, there are several uses of AI technology that are still being developed. Here are four AI use cases that businesses can look forward to adopting and benefiting from within the near future.

Improved commutes

The first challenge of the day that employees face is their commute to work. It is estimated that in some urban locations, drivers spend 40% of their time idling in traffic. Additionally, traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy roughly $121 billion each year in lost productivity.

Currently being tested in some areas of Pittsburgh are artificial intelligence-fuelled traffic signals. These signals are designed to change with traffic flow, aiming to shorten the time drivers are spent idling. This smart traffic-management system relies on sophisticated AI algorithms to allow computerised traffic lights to coordinate with each other.

In addition to shortening the commute, many autonomous cars are also using artificial intelligence to improve commutes. Many companies developing self-driving cars are working to allow cars to drive without any assistance from an individual. This could lead to more productive commutes, allowing passengers to complete tasks for work before they reach the office.

Predictive capabilities

One AI solution that is currently underway is the ability to predict outcomes for businesses and their consumers. Using predictive analytics, companies can be better prepared to serve and meet the needs of their consumers.

Amazon’s prediction project is currently trying to incorporate AI technology to be able to predict when to send their customers an item before that individual runs out of that specific product. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are trying to take advantage of these possibilities so they can predict patient admission rates and have ample supplies and staff working during times of higher admission rates. Businesses can also depend on AI technology to better manage their inventory. These systems can monitor weather patterns, consumer behaviour, and purchasing rates, allowing businesses to stock their inventory based on these predictions.

Whether it’s saving lives or making life more convenient, the predictive capabilities of artificial intelligence will be a valuable resource for organisations to tap into.

Increased security

As cyber security threats develop and advance, AI technology has the ability to grow and advance just as quickly. Companies who invest in artificial intelligence based security systems will be able to keep up with and surpass the efforts of ever adapting hackers and cyber threats.

Similar to investing in commercial security systems or hybrid cloud solutions for protecting valuable data, organisations should invest in artificial intelligence to protect the assets of their company. Whether it’s predicting credit card fraud or detecting a potential security breach, artificial intelligence solutions can help protect the valuable data and resources of any company.

Lower costs

The incorporation of artificial intelligence can help business reduce everyday expenditures. From saving money by using less paper to requiring fewer employees, artificial intelligence solutions help businesses lower their expenses. Many businesses report that 50-60% of their expenses originate from the cost of paying the salaries and benefits of their employees. Additionally, other businesses have a hard time finding qualified individuals to hire, leaving their current employees overworked.

As artificial intelligence technology continues to improve, it will be able to perform simple tasks normally required of staff members, such as filing and organizing important information. By performing these basic tasks, this new technology will be able to save current staff members time and allow employees to focus on more essential and crucial work. With the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions, businesses can consolidate their staff needs and reduce their expenses.

Artificial intelligence solutions can provide businesses and organizations with a better understanding of the world around them. Equipped with this knowledge, AI solutions allow business owners and decision makers to make educated choices based on this acquired industry data. By incorporating AI systems in the future, these individuals will be better prepared to make informed decisions about their businesses.

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